Who we are

We are Jordanian alumni of the U.S. Department of State exchange programs in Jordan who have participated in past U.S. government-sponsored people-to-people exchanges.

This Mobile application is the official mobile application for all of our USG Alumni around the Kingdom. The Public Affairs Section will use this platform to inquire and keep track of the up to date contact information of the USG alumni. Through this mobile application we will keep alumni informed of all the available funding and training resources as well as keep them informed of all the cultural and alumni activities at the Embassy.

This mobile application will allow alumni to network, learn from each other’s experiences and acquired knowledge in the U.S., share alumni success stories and celebrate alumni achievements.

Through this mobile application you will be able to find alumni mentors who can give you advice related to a certain work sector or you can offer to help a mentee from the alumni community.

We hope that this platform will be a positive, politics-free zone and a place to share good opportunities and ideas.